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    Wayne Gabaylo is now performing his show at the Farmers Market

    At the Bank Of Hawaii Building on Kalakaua Ave and Beach walk.

    Across from the Hard Rock Cafe.

    Showtimes: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4p.m to 8p.m.

    Contact us if you would like to reserve a Show. 808-692-3339


Wayne Gabaylo is a Spray Paint Artist, and has been Painting and Performing in Waikiki for over 30 years. He uses cans of spray paint,as well as utensils, bowls and plates from his Mothers kitchen to make his Art come alive. Wayne starts off by spraying several layers of paint, of various colors. Then using his utensils and plates, He creates amazing works of Art. Wayne’s paintings consist of space fantasy, waterfalls, volcano’s, dolphins, and his latest theme, “The Emerald Turtles Underwater, with brilliant 3 dimensional Coral Reefs”.  Wayne has been making custom pieces for his customers like: The Battleship Missouri with the Arizona Memorial, Banyan Trees, and his famous Volcano Painting called: “Pele” The Goddess of Fire”. Please take a look at the following pages on this website. You can watch videos of his past performances, and a display of his Art that you can purchase. We will also work with you to design your own painting. Wayne will create a masterpiece especially for you. Mahalo

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